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FRISONA comm. -

cattle, sheep & goat
exports to the world

High Quality Livestock

We purchase our cattle - black and white as well as red and white Holstein-Friesians - from breeders from the greater Hamburg, Bremen and Oldenburg area, Germany.

FRISONA is based in Elsfleth, close to the coast of the North Sea. This area is characterized by vast pasturelands and long grazing periods and offers perfect conditions for rearing cattle.

Successful breeding starts with healthy animals!


Customer confidence for more than 40 years

We export goats and sheep from various breeds, e.g. Meat Merinos, Wool Merinos, Suffolk, German Blackhead, Texel, Lacanne, Awassi, Dorper, Assaf and East Friesian Milk Sheep, to 32 countries worldwide – both for milk, meat and woolproduction.


Our customers appreciate the excellent health conditions and the professionalism of our breeding farms. Specialized in this area, FRISONA can draw on a Germany-wide network of excellent breeders. A highly experienced team is responsible for sourcing quality livestock. Our top priority is to meet the needs and expectations of our customers.


Numerous references are available from satisfied recurrent customers, especially from outside the EEC.


We can draw from a wide range of experience in the field of livestock transportation and provide our customers with full coverage of the entire export process: We organize veterinary clearance, customs clearance and all insurance matters. Depending on demand and destination, we organize shipment by truck, plane or ship – whatever it needs to make the export happen.


Upon request, we also book flights and accommodation for our customers.



FRISONA - your partner for optimum cattle, sheep and goat exports.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.


Your FRISONA - Team